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Friday, 23 September 2016

Say Hello On Google Allo - A Simple & Smart Messaging App

Google has released new smart messaging app Allo for Android and iPhone. Google new mobile messaging app Allo helps you say more and express yourself with doodles, HUGE emojis, share fun stickers, text, send Images and works for group chatsstickers.

New Google messaging Allo app Provide a much richer texting experience Google Messenger, or even Hangouts, with support for things like scribble on photos, Share stickers, the ability to change font sizes, and more. You can also send emojis and as well as draw on pictures.

Watch Google Allo App Video

Source - Google

There are merges many messaging features associated with Allo app that Google desires will win you over. There's an anonymous mode that will activate end-to-end security, hidden notifications and message expiration on your conversations. Probably best of all is the Google Assistant that can be added to your conversations to instantly provide useful information to you based on what is being conversed in the chat. For example, it delivers information, news, weather, traffic, sports activities or your upcoming flight status to your chat. You can also ask your Assistant to talk about crazy videos, Share YouTube video clip and play games with friends right in your group chat. Allo is rolling out now. the Android app already available on Google Play Store. Here Downloading Link for Google Allo App.